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    … about how marketing works nowadays. Relevant and valuable communication and interaction with your audience counts. Not because it’s hip, because it works.

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    Tired of those who always rely on “oldschool” marketing tactics? Join the “other” community of multichannel experts – beyond marketing.

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    Let your multichannel communication become relevant and valueable.

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Beyond marketing: MUCH is the distillation of our vision to deliver a truly premium experience to multichannel professionals and newcomers alike. Taking cues from the contemporary and authentic “real experienced”, MUCH assembles the best of the modern multichannel success in one remarkable organization.

Each Day Anew!

Innovate Multichannel Solutions at their Finest!

It is all about recognizing and fulfilling customer and market demands which, over and above cross-media applications, inspire marketing through communication innovations. Meaning: The goal is not to distribute a single message through all channels, but to appropriately tailor content for all relevant communications platforms. And to do so to the highest possible degree on auto-pilot. With MUCH we meet the demands of changed market and customer demands.

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Join a vital community and start living multichannel

Nothing remains static: Since the time that traditional agencies and print shops transformed themselves into providers of marketing services, the changes brought on by technology and customers, demanded the exchange of information ever more through additional channels – besides print, Web and email, video content, social media and mobile services became relevant. Individualized solutions are in demand by the audience. This is where MUCH makes you start living multichannel.

Find Out How

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Continous innovation through transformation

The future looks bright, in case you master the market needs of transformation. MUCH is the organization that fits your needs.

MUCH .hub

The ONE STOP HUB for multichannel related knowledge, experience and education. MUCH experts enjoy the full variety of multichannel marketing in one place.

MUCH .groups

Different countries, different needs. Your fellow peers know what works within your specific market. Participate from and with MUCH experts in your region.

MUCH .conferences

Multichannel experts needs multiple channels to grow and share their knowledge. MUCH .conferences offer best opportunities for meeting fellow peers from the multichannel world.

MUCH .bootcamps

You are a multichannel expert. What about your employees, colleagues? Inspired by your fellow MUCH friends you experience the hard reality when trying to transform your team. MUCH .bootcamps give you the support you need to execute the transformation, right now!

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Get the skinny on your amazing new organization the moment it launches.

Become a MUCH-expert and join a worldwide exclusive community of multichannel marketers. As a member you’ll get all insights about relevant valuable multichannel marketing. Let us grow together in this PreLaunch phase and bring together what fits together. You and your fellow peers. For sure, you will get a lot of benefits as an early adopter. So don’t wait to long, the PreLaunch phase won’t last forever. Be the first to know about the launch of our fantastic new product.